Strategic Cleaning Services

Working with a Block Manager to Provide Cleaning Services

For professional cleaners, block management companies can be very lucrative clients. If you can establish ongoing relationships with several block managers, they can often provide you with a lot of cleaning work. This is because they will manage blocks of flats, often very large ones, that have communal areas such as hallways and staircases, and potentially even common rooms or other communal areas. The block management company will be responsible for cleaning these areas, so they need reliable and dedicated cleaners to do this job for them.

Block managers will usually hire cleaners to clean blocks of flats on a regular basis, such as once a week. General duties might include dusting, hoovering, cleaning windows and windowsills, lights and light fittings, mats, and anything else necessary within the communal areas. The block management company will be able to give you detailed instructions – they may or may not be able to provide cleaning equipment so find out all the details first.