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Vinegar – That Fantastic Cleaning Product

May seem surprising but vinegar has to be one of the best cleaning products available. Full of acetic acid and water, it’s ideal for removing stains and odors on your carpet. Another important factor is that it’s eco-friendly, and most importantly safe to use around pets and any small children that you may have.

Before you start cleaning with your vinegar solution, make sure to vacuum the rug thoroughly, removing all loose debris and dirt. When creating the cleaning solution, add half a bucket of warm water, mild soap and 0.7 litres of vinegar.

It’s recommended that you use a soft brush or a soft cloth to scrub the rug. Dip your desired item into the solution and scrub the rug gently, making sure that you do so using linear motions for desired results.

Once you’ve cleaned with the solution, rinse with a cloth dipped in warm water. Then remove the excess water by squeezing the rug and allow it to dry. Once the drying process is over, you should notice an extremely fresh rug! Good as new!