Strategic Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning of Commercial Kitchens

A commercial kitchen will accumulate more dirt than a standard kitchen, or than many other commercial environments. At the same time, it’s also essential that a commercial kitchen is cleaner than a lot of these environments. For this reason deep cleaning needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Deep cleaning of a kitchen can be carried out by people working there but a specialist cleaner will often be the best bet, as they can use specialist products as well. They will also have the specialist skills and knowledge to make sure commercial kitchens are not only clean, but also safe.

The parts of a commercial kitchen that need to be kept especially clean and safe are:

  • Work surfaces and food preparation areas
  • Fridges and food storage areas
  • Floors and places where food might be dropped
  • Sinks and wash up areas
  • Areas where raw food is kept – these will need to be cleaned very regularly