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Commercial Cleaning Services – How are they Different?

If you search for commercial cleaning Northampton, you will get back lots of results. How do you know which cleaning services you can trust? And are they really going to be any different if they are specifically for commercial properties? The answer is yes. A good commercial cleaner is definitely the answer if you are looking to have a commercial space cleaned, like an office, industrial building or public space. It is a much more niche type of service that is worth researching, and you will get your money’s worth if you choose a specialist commercial cleaning service provider.

What do commercial cleaners do differently? 

The cleaners who work for a commercial cleaning company will be able to provide a specific service for your commercial building. These are some of the ways in which they do things differently:

  • They will use commercial cleaning products. These aren’t you average carpet cleaners or furniture polishing spray that you can buy from a supermarket. These will be specially sourced cleaning products for a commercial environment. They will be more effective and will provide a deeper clean.
  • The service will be more flexible. Usually, it will be a cleaning agency that will provide commercial services. The agency will therefore employ lots of cleaning professionals, so they can make the service more flexible. You will be able to choose the appointment times that work for you.
  • The cleaners will be used to working in a commercial environment. The people who work for a commercial cleaning agency will be trained to work in your type of environment. It takes specialist skills – they will need to work at speed as well, if they are going to fit in lots of different services like emptying bins, hoovering, mopping and cleaning windows.
  • They will use better products for your environment. Cleaners should be provided with their own equipment, like carpet cleaning machines or vacuum cleaners. These will all be suitable for cleaning in a larger space where there is more foot traffic.
  • They will be used to providing a professional service. Many cleaning agencies that specialise in the commercial market will provide uniforms for their staff, and will train them to work in a professional environment. This creates a better atmosphere for members of staff and visitors.
  • They can offer contract cleaning. You will be able to book in cleaning services on a regular basis – usually daily for an office building.

Why choose specialist commercial cleaners? 

In Northampton, there are lots of business parks with numerous office spaces and commercial spaces that will need regular cleaning. It’s important you choose an agency that will specialise in the type of cleaning you need.

A good agency will train their staff and will have their own methods of getting the job done. This is why it’s advisable to choose a specialist commercial cleaning agency. Their staff should easily be able to complete the tasks you require for your business or public building. Look at reviews, read about services and the types of property they clean, and ask for a consultation.